Kitchen cabinets come in various materials, but the most popular option is wood. However, there are indications that wood kitchen cabinets may be going out of style. Are they? Let’s take a look at some pros and cons to help you decide if wood cabinets are suitable for your kitchen.

Pros of Wood Kitchen Cabinets

  • Long-Lasting: 

Wood is a beautiful and timeless material, which can blend in with different styles. It’s not limited by time like other materials are – this means that it can be used for both classic kitchens and modern ones without ever feeling outdated! You will find many people modifying their kitchen into something more interesting than before because they want an even “living” space where everyone enjoys coming over as often as possible.

  • Appearance:

Wood cabinets have a specific look; they are classic, beautiful, and timeless. The appearance of natural wood cabinets adds value in terms of their design and because it’s a raw material that can last for generations if cared for properly. They are also known for being expensive. Because of their durable nature, cabinet companies have little incentive to lower their prices, so cabinet designers have to keep prices high for that reason.

  • Requires Low Maintenance: 

Wood cabinets are easy to maintain. They only require a soft cloth and water to be cleaned regularly. Wood cabinet doors can be repaired easily if you know how to do it yourself.

Wood cabinet doors will last for years without getting damaged or faded. And this makes them perfect for kitchens where the cabinet receives plenty of natural light throughout the day. Plus, they are available in many different styles and finishes, which means you can ensure your kitchen’s look will never go out of style.

  • Versatility: 

Wood is perfect for use in the kitchen. It can be used to create details, as a countertop or decorative elements and panels on your favorite home design style walls! But if you’re looking at making an entire layout out of wood altogether, I would recommend going with cabinets made by this material exclusively because it will last much longer than any other type of furniture.

  • Warmth & Coziness:

Wood adds warmth to your home and provides a sense of comfort. Whether you’re cooking or hosting guests, the smell of wood scribbled in every corner will make everyone feel at ease while they enjoy their time with family members.

Mentioning that kitchens are often associated with being grandmotherly looks pretty appropriate considering how much we love spending time with all the people we care about. Who doesn’t love good food, company, and some laughs around the kitchen table?

  • Customizable

Wood is a durable and versatile material that can take on many forms. You could either customize your wood piece by applying different techniques such as decoupage, patina, or painting – all of which have been done to perfection here! So if you’re tired of the way something looks in its current state, then switch up these ideas for new furniture pieces every time it starts feeling old-fashioned to you.

  • Utility: 

You can find a variety of woods that all have their unique benefits. For example, some, like oak, are costlier than others but give you more durability in the long run with paintable surface options to boot!

The following are some of the most frequent varieties of wood used in kitchen cabinets:

Maple: Maple is a lightwood that has a very consistent color base. It’s often used for solid painting of cabinets, which makes it perfect if you want the same look throughout your whole kitchen remodels

Oak: Oak is a beautiful medium to light-colored wood with an attractive grain pattern. The more defined the streaks, the better- because it gives you something fun and natural-looking! With oak, there are also knots in each board for the added character but be careful about polishing them away thoroughly, or else they’ll disappear by accident.

Birch: Birch is a light-colored wood that has a reddish hue. The natural cabinet color can range from creamy white to a light brown and is perfect for those who want a subtle look in their kitchen.

Hickory: Hickory wood is a beautiful and durable material with well-defined grain patterns. The density of this type of hardwood makes it perfect for beginners who want something more unique than other types would offer. Still, Hickories can also handle regular wear without looking old or worn out because their natural beauty never fades away!

Cherry: Cherry wood is known to lighten with time, especially when exposed to the bright lights. Within a few months of installing, your new cherry floor may have changed color, and it’s not uncommon for there to be Wintergreen or changes in knots patterning on some pieces as well! Despite this variation, you can expect plenty of these sturdy yet beautiful floors lasting through many good knocks before they start showing any signs of age.

Pine: Pinewoods are an excellent choice for kitchens, but they can be more challenging to work with than other types of hardwood. The knots in this wood make it well suited towards the country or traditional styles depending on what else is around your kitchen décor- which means you may have an easier time installing them if their style compliments yours!

  • Durability: 

One of the many benefits of wood is that it doesn’t show wear and tear as quickly as other materials. Wood is a natural material, so it’s easy to repair if something happens to it. It’s also resistant to fire, water, and termites which are all common problems that can occur in the kitchen.

Cons Of Wood Kitchen Cabinets

  • Price: 

One of the main reasons people move away from wood kitchen cabinets is the price. Wood is more expensive than other cabinet materials, such as plastic or metal. However, with proper care, wood cabinets can last for years, making them a wise investment in the long run.

  • Assembly: 

The wood cabinet can also be challenging to put together. Because of this, many cabinet installation companies charge more to install wood cabinets than they do for cabinets made from other materials. In addition to being complex, wood cabinet installation requires a high-quality finish that takes time to apply. This means the installation process is often slow, adding to cabinet installation costs.

  • Weight: 

Wood kitchen cabinets are often heavier than other cabinet materials, requiring a solid cabinet frame. This can add to the cost of cabinet installation and increase the cabinet’s weight, making it more difficult to move.

  • Paint: 

One of the main disadvantages of wood cabinets is that they need to be painted to protect them from scratches and water damage. If you choose a cabinet paint color that doesn’t match the cabinet stain, it can be difficult to touch up or refinish later on if you decide to change. While cabinet paint comes in various colors, so does cabinet stain. Many cabinet makers are beginning to offer cabinet stains that are already mixed with the appropriate amount of water-based paint for convenience and ease of use.

  • Style: 

Wood kitchen cabinets are often considered a classic style that never goes out of fashion. However, there are many different wood cabinet styles, so you can find one that fits your taste. In addition, cabinet makers are constantly coming up with new designs, so you can find a cabinet style that you haven’t seen before.

  • Termites in Kitchen

Termites can also be found in the kitchen cabinets, where they live and breed. These pests are attracted to moisture released while cooking but will infest any drawer or cupboard if wet utensils always stay within it, leading termite droplets from dripping onto fixtures like handles that then set off a chain reaction of events ideal for these insects’ survival.

In the end, it comes down to personal preference. Wood cabinet lovers will tell you that there’s nothing better than a rich, beautiful cabinet in their favorite natural material. And everyone else will assure you that cabinet materials like particleboard or MDF are just as good at a fraction of the price. Which cabinet material is best will come down to your unique tastes and preferences, so take a look around when you move into a new house or apartment for cabinets that suit your lifestyle. 

Kitchen Cabinets in Scottsdale, AZ

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