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Makutu's Island

Come and Have Fun at One of Arizona’s Largest Indoor Island — the Makutu’s Island

Makutu’s Island, one of Arizona’s largest indoor play places, is a journey into fantasy and adventure for children of all ages and a perfect way to beat the Arizona heat. Makutu means “magic” in the Polynesian language of Maori — the indigenous people of New Zealand. However, in Arizona, Makutu is also a fun-loving jaguar cub as well as “king” of this mythical island of enjoyment. You can join Makutu and his friends: Kiki, the koala bear; Oscar, the crocodile; and Captain Max, the parrot, for an island adventure sure to be remembered. This Arizona family fun center also features an aquarium, parents lounge, theater, and exclusive party rooms.

Makutu’s Island was called Club Disney designed with a tropical motif, it is an evergreen lush, exciting indoor “island” with a roaring waterfall, towering trees, climbs, mysterious caves, a bungee trampoline, a zip track, an arcade, a special toddler zone and so much more. Makutu’s Island is vast and also has lots of areas to explore like the Banana Tree, Zip Tracker, Fantasy Tree, Double Helix Slide, Captain Max Bungee, Inferno, the arcade game area, Oscar’s Lagoon, the play area that is exclusively for toddlers, and the Kiki’s cafe which has a nice dining area.

A hallmark of the 20,000 square-foot facility is the 25-foot indoor oak tree that is connected to climbing tubes, tunnels, slides, mole-holes, fire-poles, and slides, the magnificent tree offers hours of fun and adventure. Around the tree’s perimeter, visitors will certainly discover animals carved within its extensive roots and also an amusing three-animal totem pole. Within the marvelous tree, the “banana” slide is a sure excitement as it starts 25 feet into the air and winds more than 35 feet around the outside of the tree to its base. This is without a doubt a wonderful location to have a good time!

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