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Phoenix Bat Cave

Watch Thousand of Bats Take Flight in Phoenix Bat Cave

If you find yourself in Phoenix in the summertime, you can experience an enchanting as well as a remarkable event at the Phoenix Bat Cave. This bat cave is a hidden gem within Phoenix that can be hard to find, making this possible to witness numerous bats at once a special treat for those who are in the know. Metro Phoenix has a pretty large bat populace in the summer yearly from May to October approximately 10,000 to 20,000 bats flock to Phoenix on their migration south to Mexico. Many of these little guys hang out during the day in a Maricopa County flood control ditch informally known as the Bat Cave to rest and sleep. Yet at night, they emerge and fill the sky.

The strangest fact regarding the Phoenix Bat Cave is that it’s not a cavern. It’s a flood control tunnel in Paradise Valley that’s taken care of by the Flood Control District of Maricopa County. Therefore, this department and the Arizona Game and Fish Department have dedicated much time and effort to protect and honor the bat populace that comes yearly to the Phoenix Bat Cave, even getting involved in numerous efforts to educate citizens concerning the positive effect bats have on our environment.

Exactly how to reach the tunnel? Park near at 40th Street and Camelback and walk the northernmost end of the Arizona Canal Trail for about a half-mile until you get to the large ditch with a metal fence around it, then position yourself to watch the opening. Next, remain very silent and wait for sunset, when the bats pour out of the cave in search of their nightly meal. We have to state, it’s quite darn cool.

Phoenix Bat Cave is truly an excellent way to spend some time outside, doing something interesting, and of course, for free. There’s no bad place to observe you can walk around to get different angles. Spend time here with the people you care about, just taking in the sunset quietly.

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