If you’re looking for a new look for your kitchen or bathroom but don’t want to spend a lot of money on remodeling, cabinet door replacement may be the perfect solution. Cabinet doors are one of the easiest ways to update your kitchen and bathrooms without breaking the bank. With this guide, we’ll help you find out how easy it is to change out your old cabinet doors with high-quality replacements that will last!

What are cabinet doors?

Cabinet doors are the surface that covers all of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. They make up a large part of an interior design, and they often get damaged when you move in or out, especially if there is construction going on around them.

Cabinet doors come in many varieties; their design can be traditional, modern, retro, etc. Cabinet door styles vary depending on what kind of home décor you want to create for yourself and others who live with you. In addition to different types for different taste buds, cabinet doors also come in many sizes, so it’s easy enough to find one that will fit any size space!

What’s a good reason to replace my old cabinet doors?

Kitchen remodeling projects can be expensive, but replacing just the front or back of the cabinetry may not make sense if only one room needs new paint or wallpaper. Cabinet door replacements offer an affordable way to give any room a fresh look without going through all the work typically required by major construction projects – this is also great news for apartments with strict architectural rules against changes like these!

  • The design of your old cabinet doors is outdated
  • You want to match your new door design with the kitchen design
  • Your old cabinet doors are in bad shape and need replacement, so there is a reason that you should replace them now before it gets worse.
  • The color or pattern of your cabinets had changed from when they were first installed, and having new matching cabinet doors will help tie things together again nicely around your kitchen space.
  • You want to replace the worn-out hardware to match with the new cabinets and give you a fresh look inside your kitchen.
  • Your old, damaged, or broken cabinet door hinges need replacement as well for maximum safety reasons.
  • You want to change the style by getting different colors like white, black, iron wavy lines, etc.

Types of Cabinet Doors

There are a number of different types of cabinet doors to choose from, and some you can even find in stock. Here’s an overview of the three most common door types:

Full Overlay – Stylish and modern, full overlay cabinet doors are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a kitchen remodel that will make your home look more updated. Unlike only covering part of the door with panels or glass, this option will completely cover all four sides to give it an elegant appearance as well as provide better insulation against heat loss. With their clean and crisp look, this style of covering will be sure to make your home feel more upscale while also giving you the opportunity for some customization by choosing from a variety of finishes. This is also often used in kitchens with tall ceilings and large spaces because it makes them feel visually larger.

Partial Overlay – For many years, partial overlay cabinetry was the industry standard, also known as a standard overlay. These cabinets have a door that only covers the front face frame parts to reveal gaps between the cabinet edges on either side. The overlay cabinet door style is a blend of traditional and contemporary styles. It takes the best features from modern and old-fashioned cabinets to create an updated look that will work in any kitchen today, no matter how trendy or classic it may be. This is also often used in kitchens with lower ceilings and small spaces because it makes them feel visually taller by using vertical space more efficiently.

Inset – Inset cabinet doors are a type of door style uniquely designed to be recessed or inset into the face frame. They have become popular over the last few years as they create more space and allow for an open view with less chance of accidental bumps in high-traffic areas. Many people also find them aesthetically pleasing because their crisp lines help keep kitchen clutter at bay while still giving you plenty of storage options on your inside walls and top shelves! Whether it’s new construction or remodeling old kitchens, this trend will continue to grow exponentially, so if you’re considering updating yours soon, consider adding these modern features.

Styles of Cabinet Doors

There are many different cabinet doors, and each class has its advantages and varies greatly depending on your taste. This is an example of replacement cabinet doors styles of cabinet door panels:

Raised-Panel Cabinet Doors: Raised-Panel Cabinet Doors is a classic and timeless design. They provide the traditional feel of wood cabinetry with its simple raised lines but can also be made from different materials such as metal or plastic to add that contemporary touch.

Flat-Panel Cabinet Doors: A Flat Panel is another popular choice for kitchen cabinet doors because it offers a sleek modern style in an easy installation. These come standard on prefabricated cabinets, so they’re ready to install right out of the box, never having to worry about trying to match panels with your existing cabinets during installation. This will indeed become one of your favorite styles when designing your new space, with many trendy color options. 

Recessed Panel Cabinet Doors: Recessed Panel doors offer a more traditional style and come in many different shapes, sizes, finishes, and colors. This is the perfect choice for those times when you need your cabinet to match perfectly with other existing cabinetry or furniture pieces. These panels are recessed into the frame, so they sit flush on all edges, which creates an elegant look that is timeless and desirable in any home design.

Shaker Cabinet Doors: Shaker-style doors are one of the most popular kitchen cabinets and a favorite choice in many other rooms throughout your home. These cabinet door panels feature clean lines and simple design elements that make them ideal for any room or space. Shakers have long been known as an elegant yet cost-effective option because they can create uniformity with other furniture pieces without breaking your budget.

Cathedral Cabinet Doors: If you’re looking for something different from traditional rectangular panel styles, consider Cathedral Style Cabinets. This is very similar to the recessed panel but instead features gently curved edges, which will add dimension to any space while still providing ample storage opportunities behind closed doors. 

Slab Cabinet Doors: If you’re looking for a more traditional style, try Slab Cabinets. These doors feature smooth panels and simple lines that are perfect if you want to create the feeling of space in your kitchen or dining room without sacrificing storage capacity.

Mullion Frame Doors: If you’re looking for something that will give your kitchen or dining room a bit of panache, try Mullion Cabinets. These doors are constructed with multiple narrow panels and typically have vertical or horizontal slats running across the door surface to create an elegant look.

Open Frame Doors: An open frame cabinet door style features a design that leaves the front of your cabinets exposed while typically utilizing glass or other transparent surfaces on either side to showcase what’s inside. An open-frame cabinet door style is characterized by its ability to see everything in view thanks to an unobstructed and opened look at the front of your kitchen or bath cabinetry. Glass doors are often utilized for this purposes as they provide both durability and transparency, which can be especially helpful with items like pots, pans, dishes, etc., so you don’t have too many accidents when pulling out these necessary tools from behind closed doors!

Advantages of New Cabinet Doors

If you have a damaged cabinet door, it is time-consuming to remove the whole unit and replace just one. It can also be expensive, so if your goal is to fix up your kitchen without spending too much money, then replacing cabinet doors may be what’s right for you.

Cost-effective: One of the best benefits of replacement cabinet doors is that it’s very cost-effective. It can be expensive to buy all new cabinets, but for a fraction of what you’d pay in-store, you could get brand-new custom cabinetry with top-quality materials and hardware such as hinges or locks. You also have the opportunity to customize your design by choosing from many different styles and finishes like wood, stainless steel, glass, etc. Replacement door installation on an existing kitchen will save money because you won’t need to replace any countertops either! And finally, replacing old doors rather than buying new ones saves tons of energy too – they’re more efficient at insulating heat loss, which means less power used for heating your home during winter months.

Great Investment: Replacement cabinet doors are a great way to update your kitchen or bathroom. You can use this to change the style of cabinets and colors and make them match with other remodeling work in the house. Replacing old worn-out door panels may be one of the best investments you will ever make for your home.

Customization: You can customize your cabinets by choosing different doors that match what you want in your house. The cabinet door replacement comes in many colors and textures, so look for one that fits the design style of your home or apartment.

Aesthetic Appeal: Cabinet door styles have evolved, so there are many options for classic and contemporary design motifs. Your renovation contractor can easily replace the existing cabinetry with matching panels at an affordable price while providing seamless transitions between designs on adjacent walls for a soundless installation process. The result? A beautiful look that saves money!

We hope this guide has been helpful in helping you make an informed decision on whether or not cabinet doors are suitable for your home. If so, we would love to hear from you and help answer any questions while replacing them! Give Cabinets 4 Less Scottsdale a call today at (480) 597-8034 to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives about how we can get started with your project.