Cabinet Refacing

A cabinet refacing is a great way to update the style and look of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets while still keeping them functional. This can be done by removing an old cabinet door, replacing it with a new one, and adding hinges that match the other existing ones on your cabinets. The process has many benefits, such as saving you money and time! It also allows you to get rid of all those ugly stains that have accumulated over time. Cabinet refacing will give any area in your home a fresh new look without completely remodeling it.

Here are the most significant advantages of refacing your bathroom cabinets or kitchen cabinets:


If you want to make your kitchen or bathroom look like a whole new place but aren’t interested in spending thousands of dollars on renovations, prefer something more affordable like refacing cabinets instead for half the price. This may be the perfect solution. Kitchen designers have been known not just to change up their color or finish without changing anything else about them. So this can also work well with what feels desired from throughout one’s home when creating an overall ambiance that feels luxurious yet still practical enough where they won’t get bored quickly during everyday life.

More Styles and Finishes to Choose From

A kitchen remodels an opportunity to create something that reflects you. From choosing the color, style, and material of your cabinets – not just what size they are but also which door finishes will go best with them- there’s no shortage for creativity. Cabinet refacing companies offer many different styles and finishes that range in price, but the prices are still relatively much more affordable than purchasing all new cabinets. The cabinet refacing installers are knowledgeable about various cabinet colors, styles, stains, paints, etc. So you can get advice on which cabinets will look best with your color scheme or theme.

Keeps Your Countertops Untouched

In case you are looking for a traditional or modern aesthetic, granite countertops offer the perfect blend. They can be stunning when used in kitchen design because they make cooking easy and functional while also adding an elegant yet rugged touch to find elsewhere! The only drawback? If damaged during installation, then there’s no going back without replacing your whole set-up, which could end up costing more than just purchasing new cabinets. This isn’t something most homeowners might want to happen at all costs, especially considering how expensive these materials tend to get.

Increases Your Home’s Value

A remodeled kitchen is the best way to increase your home’s value. It’s important. However, not to do so much work that you can’t recoup at least some of what was spent on it when it comes time for sale. One mistake homeowners make with their kitchens renovation budgets is spending too much money updating everything. But staying within a budget doesn’t allow them enough room in general (or specific) areas like cabinets which could turn buyers off if not done right- which means fewer return visitors!

By refacing cabinet doors, you can update the cabinet color or style without completely redoing your cabinets. The cabinet refacing process will allow you to keep your existing cabinet boxes and cabinet hinges. This will help keep your renovation budget in check, resulting in a better overall return on investment, not to mention making it easier for you to sell your home down the road. Cabinet refacing renovations are a smart choice because they can give you what you want for less money and fewer headaches than other types of cabinet or cabinet door replacements.

Little Downtime During The Project.

If you have your kitchen cabinets torn out and replaced, it can be a messy inconvenience that renders the room virtually unusable. If this disruption happens in the kitchen, Then we need to take steps immediately before more damage is done! Reframing will save us from having a space where once there were beautiful woodworking displays, or bustling cooking smells filling up all areas within reach and those outside them too. A significant loss not only aesthetically but also functionally speaking since many people use their Kitchens multiple times daily!

When cabinet refacing is done, we can immediately begin using the space again. This minimizes the inconvenience of a renovation and allows us to continue with our routine throughout, making life much easier- giving new cabinet doors added charm and their new looks too! It’s less time-consuming than tearing out cabinet boxes and replacing them outright. However, cabinet refacing still offers a range of cabinet looks and color options that make for an easier sell.

Cabinet Store in Scottsdale, Arizona

Cabinet refacing is a low-cost way to update your kitchen or bathroom. It can be accomplished quickly and with minimal disruption. You’ll get the same look as you would by replacing cabinets for less, but without the hassle of demolition and construction! Cabinets 4 Less Scottsdale has been providing quality cabinet solutions for many years. So, we know what it takes to make this process easy on our customers. We’re happy to answer any questions about cabinet refacing that you may have – give us a call today at (480) 597-8034.