Kitchen InteriorsWhen you think of the most important elements of your kitchen, what comes to mind? Countertops, appliances, sink? All of those are crucial, of course. But what about cabinets? Often overlooked, kitchen cabinets play a major role in determining the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Good cabinets can make a space feel custom-made; bad cabinets can make it difficult to work in and cramped. So why is it so important to choose the right cabinets for your kitchen? Here are a few things to consider.

Cabinetry Affects The Functionality Of The Kitchen

As designer kitchen suppliers, we understand the importance of spacing in kitchen design. The fantastic thing about kitchen designs is that every person’s tastes are different. It’s not just about what you cook. It is one reason your kitchen should be the centerpiece of your home. A good kitchen design starts with how you use the space. And it is your kitchen cabinetry that determines how large you can have. If you have plenty of storage in your kitchens, you can use that space to store other things, like appliances or for personal styling.

There may be plenty of options available then you initially thought when choosing kitchen cabinets. Will it be wall-mounted, freestanding, or both? Will it be wall-mounted or recessed? These options can open up more possibilities for maximizing your floor space, allowing you to be more creative. It doesn’t matter if it’s your floor space or storage for your cutlery. Your kitchen’s functionality is determined by the functionality and design of your cabinets.

It Is The Center Piece Of The Kitchen

This heading sums it all. Your cabinetry will have a major impact on the overall look of your kitchen. Your cabinetry materials don’t necessarily need to match your worktops. However, they should complement one another in some way. It’s great if they match. If they contrast with one another, fantastic. But you can’t ignore their enormous influence. Your kitchen cabinets will be the first thing visitors see in your home. Dark wood cabinetry can give off a traditional feeling, while cream lacquered or white doors are more suitable for a contemporary look. It is possible to make an impression on the cabinets by cleverly using their materials. For example, frosted glasses can give the illusion that there is more space.

Storage & Longevity

It would help if you kept tools and workspace clean and safe from children. While a kitchen with tools strewn about might look great at first, it won’t be fun in the event of an earthquake or when a curious child tries to take the jar off the shelf.

Safety is also assured by proper storage. Precarious tools should not be left out, especially when there are children. Restaurants keep tools away from children because they take up too much space. Flammable materials should also be considered as they can pose an immediate danger if placed near the stove.

Proper storage is key to ensuring the longevity of kitchenware. It should be stored in compact cabinets. Some pans are not meant to be in moist areas. It is best to keep fragile porcelain out of areas exposed to dust and susceptible to being dropped.


Kitchen workers know that it is frustrating to search the entire kitchen for a bread knife. Accessible kitchen cabinets provide convenience for those who cook daily or occasionally use the kitchen.

Many homeowners choose to install counters with drawers for their tools and overhead cabinets for spices or other ingredients. It is not worth spending extra time searching for the correct item when you can find it in a cabinet quickly. Kitchen cabinets can be your best friend in this situation.

Adds Design Aesthetics

A well-designed and quality kitchen cabinet can add a touch of elegance to your home.

The purpose of kitchen cabinetry is to be functional. Kitchen design aesthetics were less well-known and appreciated than the bedroom or living room spaces. As homeowners become more sophisticated and personal, their preferences change over the years, so does the need for stylish and functional kitchen cabinets.

There are many kitchen cabinet designs that various design categories can inspire. These cabinets can be contemporary, modern, minimalist, or even minimalist.

The new kitchen cabinets offer homeowners more options to make their kitchen spaces more personal.

Sanitization & Organization

Your kitchen tools and utensils should not be left unattended in your kitchen. A kitchen cabinet is essential. A kitchen cabinet’s primary purpose is storage.

A kitchen cabinet can also help to maintain cleanliness in the kitchen. A kitchen cabinet can be used to store all your kitchen utensils and plates. A kitchen cabinet will help you organize your kitchen space.

Organizing your kitchen cabinets will make it easier to locate your belongings. This will make it easy for your guests to quickly locate their utensils, glasses, and other items. Guests are more likely to be attracted by a clean and organized kitchen.

The Existing Kitchen Is Outdated

Cabinets and countertops are the most common kitchen feature out of date, aside from appliances that can be dangerous. An outdated kitchen is a significant reason homeowners choose to remodel their homes. It also makes it difficult for them to rent or buy a house. The feature that can you do to tell if your kitchen cabinets are outdated?

Looks. It’s obvious. But if your kitchen cabinets seem like they were made in the 1970s, likely, they aren’t the style you prefer. Retro styles are a popular choice for cabinetry. But, yellow brass hardware with honey oak isn’t always the best choice. If you feel like you are in another decade when you enter your kitchen, it is most likely that your cabinets will be there for at least a decade. Modern, classic woods are best. Use standard-sized hardware so you can accessorize for any age. Avoid modern trends that could quickly be outdated.

Existing storage may be too odd. Think about what items might have been stored in your kitchen cabinets when they were constructed. You are unlikely to have needed enough storage space in your grandmother’s kitchen for an electric mixer, an electric pressure cooker, and three crockpots. You might not want cabinets with a dedicated recipe card, knife, or plastic wrap storage. Cabinets with highly specialized storage are an excellent choice for your new kitchen. But, consider whether you will continue using that specialized storage in the future. A built-in pan rack or pot and pan rack are likely to be useful for many years, while plastic bags quickly become obsolete.

The Deterioration

Although today’s cabinetry is built to last, there may be cabinetry in your home that is not up to the mark. While refacing cabinets may seem appealing if there is evidence of damage to the doors, other indicators can help you determine if they should be replaced.

External damage. Peeling paint and scratched varnish are indicators that cabinetry has been damaged. Deep gouges, cracks in doors and frames, or stripped screws are all signs of superficial damage that cannot be covered with a layer of paint or varnish. New cabinetry can be a better option if your cabinets are too damaged or uneven to repair.

Poor quality. It is often more economical to replace your cabinets with high-quality, long-lasting ones than spend time and money refacing them. You can tell if your cabinets are of low quality by flimsy or poorly made interior panels, poor-quality MDF or particle boards, weak joints, or the use of thin, glued, or stapled joints. Also, be sure to check for quality in future cabinets. Cabinets should be made of thick, high-quality plywood to build the box, shelves, and sturdy wood for doors and framing. All joints must be securely joined, drawer slides made of quality steel should be strong and sturdy, and shelves should be supported.

Internal damage. It is better to replace cabinets with internal damage than to repair them, especially if there has been water damage. Look under the sink and at your toe kicks for signs such as swelling, cracking, peeling, or bubbled veneer. You will likely need to fix the source of the problem. However, replacing several cabinets with new cabinets would be a better investment than buying new kitchen cabinets.

The Existing Kitchen Does Not Fit The Lifestyle

A professional kitchen designer is the best person to help you plan your new kitchen layout. However, your kitchen is an important part of your daily life and requires your input. Do you care about the functionality of your kitchen? Do you prioritize a breakfast bar or a large prep area? When you decide which parts of your kitchen don’t work or which elements you want in your new kitchen, these are some questions to consider.

This layout is conducive to cooking. It may not seem obvious that you will be cooking in your new kitchen. Too many people forget to consider this when designing a new kitchen layout. Although it may seem like a great idea to have a large island to prepare food, if they are placed incorrectly, islands can hinder the natural workflow between the three main elements of the kitchen, which designers call the “work triangle.” The kitchen work triangle design concept aims to reduce steps and increase access to the range, fridge, and workspace. It would help if you aimed for the elements to be close enough to move easily while cooking. However, they should not be too far apart, so you don’t have a cramped area. You may have become frustrated if kitchen traffic flows through the triangle rather than along its edges. Your kitchen designer can help you arrange new cabinets to redirect traffic away from your primary workspace and optimize your workflow.

Kitchen Cabinets in Scottsdale, Arizona

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