What wood is the cheapest for cabinets?


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What wood is the cheapest for cabinetsSo, you are looking for cabinets and maybe you have decided to fit it in your budget. You want to know what wood is the cheapest for cabinets, that’s why you are here. We will not fail your expectations as we go through on the different kinds of woods you can use on your kitchen cabinets and their costs and quality.

There are many variations of kitchen cabinets depending on its color and styles. Also, there are many types of woods you can choose for your kitchen cabinets from the cheapest to expensive.

Cabinets 4 LessDifferent types of wood used for cabinets:

  • Birch Wood is a durable hardwood with a high tensile strength rating and useful for opened and closed cabinet doors. It is the least expensive compared to maple wood and other hardwoods.
  • Maple Wood is very durable and has a fine and smooth texture which can take a variety of stains and finishes. This wood is very expensive.
  • Cherry Wood is a beautiful wood because of its naturally rich and reddish undertones, it can take darker stains better than other hardwoods. Compared with other types of premium hardwood, it cost less.
  • Oakwood is one of the durable woods for cabinets. Its hardness and strength help resist rot and warping in a humid environment. It is less expensive than cherry wood.
  • Pinewood is a very stiff wood that makes it durable and strong when used as cabinets and often cheaper than oak woods.
  • Hickory wood is among the strongest and hardest of woods in the United States however, it is very expensive.
  • Bamboo wood is 2-3 times stronger than timber and compared to hardwoods like maple it is stronger yet a bit lighter. It is moderately expensive wood.
  • Medium-density fiberboard is a wood product that is made by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fiber. If you prefer a cheaper but strong alternative to solid wood, then consider this one for your cabinets.

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