Your kitchen is a special space within your home, whether you realize it or not. Consider how many times you’ve had conversations with friends and family members in your kitchen. Do you enjoy breakfast or coffee or just visiting in your kitchen? The kitchen is truly a special social venue within your home. It’s where you cook and often entertain, all in one space.

In fact, the kitchen is the heart of the home.

The kitchen is where you and your family receive your nourishment, often together. It’s where you have fun baking cookies and cakes and trying new recipes. Everyone in your family probably uses the kitchen in some way – even preschoolers can do something in the kitchen. Every home has a kitchen; it’s a staple!

Plus, the kitchen has an impact on the overall value of your home. Did you know that this one room can make a difference in your home’s value? Even a minor kitchen remodel can return up to 93% on the home’s value. That means if you spent $20,000 on a kitchen remodel, nearly all of that would be added back to the value of your home.

It’s really amazing to think that the kitchen – the heart of your home – is also a major factor in your home’s value. What’s better is that a kitchen remodel doesn’t have to cost a fortune!